What’s the main principle of PET coating wire?

PET encapsulants have the difference between true rubber and fake rubber. The true package is the compatibility of soft rubber and hard rubber in softening and melting (compatibility depends mainly on the melting parameter SP of the material. The closer the melting parameters are, the better the compatibility of the two materials. which forms a bonding layer on the contact surface between hard rubber and soft rubber, and greatly improves the adhesion of PET soft rubber and hard plastic. Fake rubber is almost independent of compatibility. These two materials bond the rubber to the hard rubber by mechanical force, through the design of the mold and product, and the appearance of the cooking.

PET injection molding is commonly used in the secondary injection molding process. The hard plastic part that has been brewed (injected) is fixed to the plastic mold, and then the PET soft plastic injection molded part is applied to the hard plastic part at a suitable temperature. And the product is obtained by cooling. The injection molding temperature depends on the hard material of the rubber. Because the temperature should be considered to soften hard rubber and PET soft rubber, these two materials can achieve a certain compatibility on the contact surface. In order to achieve a true packaging effect, the injection temperature of the PET package PP material is usually around 170-190 ℃; the injection temperature of the ABS material is usually around 200-220℃; the injection temperature of the PC material is a little bit of higher than ABS; the injection temperature of thePA nylon material is usually around 240℃

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Post time: Sep-17-2019