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When using the Glue Wrapping Machine, Pay Attention to the Adjustment of the Tension!

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The use of the gluing machine is an important equipment for the production of glued steel wire, and the use of the tension frame is very important in the production process.

The tension frame is the primary checkpoint for the start of the gluing machine equipment and the production of glued steel wire. It automatically adjusts the speed through the large and small rollers, which is very important for the whole production process.

Using the wrapping machine equipment developed and produced by CHEN'AN MACHINERY Institute, there is no need to worry about the tension adjustment; The glue wrapping machine produced by CHEN'AN MACHINERY adopts PLC control and full-automatic operation process. The tension adjustment is very simple. It can be adjusted by itself without manual adjustment. There is no need to worry about whether the self adjustment is feasible, because the equipment has been tested by itself and adjusted to a more appropriate tension.

The glue wrapping machine equipment of CHEN'AN MACHINERY has a high automation design. Each link realizes one key operation to avoid many problems and ensure the standardization, strictness and standardization of the whole production!



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