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Development of Rubber Wrapping Equipment in China

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With the development of society, the progress of industry. It can be seen that the development of our society is based on the common progress and common progress of industrial development. Of course, the development of industry is mainly based on the progress of machinery and the industrial assembly line. In a simple sense, the so-called industrial machine is a machine that replaces human work.

Machinery in industry is very important to industry. As a developing society in the 21st century, there are innumerable machines in the market and in the industry, and the glue wrapping machine equipment is one of the types that are widely concerned.


The so-called glue wrapping machine is mainly a multi-functional full-automatic machine integrating machinery and electronics. However, it is mainly applicable to the double functions of coil interlayer insulation and magnetic core tape of high-frequency transformer. It is mainly operated by PLC control products and operation panel to perform the overall operation, so it has good performance of glue wrapping and automatic glue cutting. It can be seen that it has its production efficiency in industry and brings a lot of convenience to the industry.



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